Saturday, April 16, 2011

Foilage Follow Up

Dianthus 'Firewitch'

Had to have a excuse to go out in the garden this morning. Thanks Pam @ for providing me with inspiration to  go! Spring is awesome, even if it got 36 degrees last night. Morning light is so impressive!

Picea pungens 'golbosa' 
Globe Blue Spruce - Love the 

Miscanthus 'goldbar' making a peak with Festuca and Stipa

Cedurus atlantica - Blue Atlas Cedar
Nice contrast with the limestone. A very popular ornamental conifer here.

Gotta have fuzz in the garden. Stachys-Lambs ear.

Gotta have a little spice. Foeniculum vulgare - Bronze Fennel

Beginning to look like a gray garden. Salvia daghestanica - Dwarf silver-leafed sage - enjoy the almost white foilage. Still hasn't bloomed in three years. Maybe this year. Does well in all kinds of soils.
Sambucus nigra - Black Lace Elderberry. Wow what a great contrast plant. The texture isn't bad either, sometimes it's hard to fit in because it's so bold.
Not sure whats going on with the blogger formatting here but these last two images are two Japanese Maples - Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' and 'Disectum'  Both trees do well in full sun.
Finally what would a foilage followup be without a little 'Guacamole', Hosta that is.


  1. Gorgeous foliage in your garden. I used to have Dianthus in my old garden and particularly enjoyed that shot.

  2. Love your blue atlas cedar. But your 'Firewitch' dianthus is the one I covet. I love that blue foliage and the hot-pink blooms. I have 'Bath's Pink' blooming in my garden right now -- same blue foliage but lighter pink flowers. Great fragrance.

  3. Great picture of the dianthus! I love stachys, too. I have just ordered a black elderberry. I am very interested in figuring out where to put it!

  4. Great pics. Gorgeous color.

  5. The blue spruce is one of my favorite trees, but I have to admire it from afar. My summers are too hot for it. I also love the blue Atlas cedar. I am trying to find a place in my garden for a weeping one!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Bee and Me post. I have to tell you that I once raised a squirrel from earliest infancy, then successfully returned him to the wild when he was several months old. He was very cute and quite intelligent! He was as loving as a puppy; he liked to have his tummy scratched, and he would come when I called him, even after I let him loose into the trees! I think he may have been a rodent genius.

  6. Lovely shots, Greg. Attracting by the beauty of blooms, we ignore the leaves and its lovely shapes and textures. Great post.

  7. So many beautiful pictures, I love all the textures and shades of green and grey. Interesting that Japanese maples do well in full sun for you, here most varieties burn if not allowed any shade....

  8. Hi Greggo,
    I enjoyed your foliage photos. I just noticed some buds on one of my dianthus plants today. Yours are so full! I look forward to seeing the blooms.

    I noticed some of my photos going off to the side, too, but clicked on the photo like you do when you want to change the size, and click on the word, "center". Whenever I try to have photos on the side, the writing I want to go beside them does not line up right.

  9. Hi Greggo,
    Thanks for stopping by my garden blog....Tropical Texana... the other day. Yep, we usually get 50" of rain a year down here, but so far we've had only 5"! I'm trying to adjust. You have a nice garden blog and I'll be sure to come back and visit. That dianthus shot is nice camera work. Wow!
    Happy Spring from David :-) Houston Texas

  10. Especially like your photos of the dianthus and the bright maple.

  11. Great all those...I adore Bronze have to love something so easy to grow...and what a great filler. That Sambucus is so stunning, I wish I had room for it :-(

  12. I just finished my own morning light post, but did not show my fennel. Years ago I bought one plant, that has now seeded all over the garden, but I do not mind. It blends in well with everything else.

  13. Love that Firewitch photo -- gorgeous light and color!


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