Thursday, March 25, 2010

Perennial Bed Project

Doesn't look like much  now in this photo, however this will change. Plans are to elevate the circular area with sod cut out from the new bed in the upper most area in the photo at right. This will help with drainage.  Step one: will be to mark beds with spray paint. Step two: cut out sod with flat headed shovel and transplant sod. Step three: add sand, compost and till into existing clay soil. Step four: improve drainage by installing drainage tile. Step five: Adding small retaining walls to newly sodded area. Step six: Raking and leveling soil. Mark for plants. Step seven: Plant perennials!!!!! Hopefully by May 1st.

Spring is in the Air

Which means time for new projects! I have been studying all the seed and plant catalogues I can get hold of. Dreams of flower candy dance in my brain.