Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Favorite Images from 2012

Les with A Tidewater Gardener started a photography meme last year at this time sharing his favorite images of the year. I think it is great to look at the past years activities via ones photographs. Like someone said a picture is worth a thousand words.

I think of last winter and this image of Little Bluegrass, and how  I am blessed to live near the Flint Hills Tallgrass Praire, a rare and beautiful area of the world.

I was able to visit my mother in Wyoming and son in Colorado in June of this year. As many of you probably remember it was the year of the wildfire. This image was taken within an hour of the Waldo Canyon fire igniting.
While in the local micro brewery in Colorado Springs I think we discovered the secret ingrediant to their brew.
Off to Wyoming and a stop at the Cheyenne, Wyoming Botanical Gardens on the way to Casper. (Apache Plume)
Indian paintbrush with Buffalograss.
On to Casper and Casper Mountain. Freeland Cemetery near Muddy Gap which was near a Mormon junction stop along the Wagon Trails. Notice the smoke in the background.
Loved the headstone and passage carved into this large slab of stone.
On Casper Mountain and Bear Trap Meadow where I spent many weekend and summer  days during my youth, picnicking with the family and also working for the county park system in a summer youth program
This image was taken at the Natrona County Extension office in Caper. And the one person who loves to go with me on garden tours? My mum. She even listens to my descriptions, likes, and botanical names.
On my way back to Kansas I stopped by Professor Roush's(Garden Musings) residence right in the middle of the Flint Hills near Manhattan, Kansas. Roses and more roses. Short and sweet visit, I wished I could have stayed longer.
A nice capture of Datura, moonflower.
The Kansas Native Plant Society meet in Winfield, my hometown, for their annual meeting. The images on my header came from those days. Also this Willowleaf Sunflower-Helianthus salicifolius.
 This digger bee was covered with pollen in this day three photo. (A little editing help on his image from Donna of Garden Walk, Garden Talk).
That's all folks! I leave you with the above image from the Snyder Ranch near Dexter, Kansas. That's what I call real xericsape. How many landscapes look like this during a major drought?
If you would like to look at last year choices, go here.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas-Planting of the Greens

Planting of the Greens, March of this Year.
I was feeling nostalgic as I was reading Facebook and Blog posts today. I wanted to post a Christmas season greeting and preceded to my image files to find a festive holiday photo to commemorate this time of blessings. I started viewing images from a year ago at this time and really didn't find anything to remind me of the blessing of our Christmas celebration: Grace.
I am setting in a easy chair posting this in my oldest sons house in Oklahoma City. My wife and daughter-in-law are driving to pick up my granddaughter at the airport. Soon we will be sharing our blessings with each other. I am sure these times will be as memorable as this scene above: planting of the Greens.