Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Blooms before the Bust

Fragrant Persian Stonecress

Aethionema schistosum

Looks like one more frost on the way this weekend, so I went out this lovely morning and snapped some pics.

Viola, Linum
Linum, Heuchera, and Foeniculum   
Buxus 'Green Velvet', Ajuga "Catlins Giant'

Hosta 'Guacamole"

Digitalis bloom


Dianthus 'Baths Pink'


  1. Lovely blooms - love the candytuft, I forgot all about that. Gotta check if the local garden store has its seeds still.

  2. Great blooms. The Viola are so nice. The "pinks" are very popular here. Great coloring.

  3. c-those candytuft were grown fro seed
    rr-just planted the Baths Pink

  4. You have some great stuff going on already. Never heard of the first one but it looks really nice. Your Candytuft looks lovely also.
    Goldenray Yorkies

  5. Wow, you are ahead of us! I am so excited it's spring, though! I like your title. I have gone around taking "anticipation" photos before.


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