Friday, May 20, 2011

Roses are Red, and Roses are Buds

I'm sure this post title has been used a million times but I had to put the word Rose in the title to accentuate the subject mater. I wanted to bring attention to an actual rose post by me. I correspond with quite a few Rose "lovers" out there and give some pretty good kidding on their passion for the most "loved" and written about plant species(I think) in the blogosphere(is that a word?). Anyways I respect all you rosarians out there and the great passion you have. My garden consists of two species of the Genus Rosea. That is about as far as I'm going with any pretentious knowledge of roses. My preferences for purchasing and planting rose species have to do not only with their reproductive elements (flowers) but their foliage as well. Of the many comments that can be made about the aesthetic of most rose blooms, generally the foliage is a lot to be desired. Therefore if you can kill two birds with one stone I base my landscape design elements on the foliage first of all if I'm using that species. The photograph above is a Rosa x 'Noare'-Flower Carpet Rose 'Red'-Class: Cluster Flowered Shrub. Hybridized by Noak in 1995 (that gambit of information is for Professor Roush @ Garden Musings, Masha @ A Rose is a Rose, and Chris @ The Redneck Rosarian ). I guess you could call them my rose buds, pun intended.  I like the real red color of the blooms and the glossy green foliage as seen below.
The thorns are pretty cool too. If thorns can be cool?
Rosa 'merimirrote' Drift Rose Apricot
My next rose in the garden is Rosa 'Meigilli' according to the plant label. Or 'Meimirrote' which I think is probably correct. Introduced by the Knock Out Roses originators Conrad/Pyle in 2010. Here is a link for more information  Drift Rose Apricot . The species is a cross between ground cover type roses and miniature roses.
I guess you could call this one a little 'darling'.

Well I better bring some closure before my dark side (non rose lover) comes back.


  1. So cute, your rose buds. My roses are all hybrids, so I can not be an official rose bud, I guess. LOL.
    That angry looking bird looks not to be anybody's buddy. Good photo though.

  2. They're lovely and the mixed one is really interesting. The bird just makes you realize you are glad he wasn't ticked off at you. :)

  3. Greggo, great post on your roses. Very healthy with great foliage and vigorous growth! You're more of a rosarian than I realized.... Could be the start of something big!!! LOL

  4. LOL, thanks for the jokes :). Actually, to be boringly precise, you grow rose hybrids, not rose species. In fact, a lot of species roses out there have wonderful and unusual foliage (r. laevigata, r. rugosa, r. hugonis). Species roses are once-blooming and require little care.
    Great bird picture!

  5. Ewww, that bird does look to be menacing...I've only recently added roses to my garden and was careful to find out what varieties can survive our climate. So far so good, the Martha Gonzales is doing well and the Marie Daly I think would like more sun...Yours are lovely!

  6. haha - I love my carpet roses, too, but I haven't seen the red ones. Very pretty. I almost purchased a Drift rose, but hadn't heard anything about them - glad to know they're Greggo-approved! I don't spray, so my rose foliage is sometimes less than beautiful. I'm learning to plant something in front of them - problem solved! :)

  7. GTGW- Humor is much appreciated.
    SR-I think the bird was mad at me.
    RR- the only thing big around here is my belly.
    Masha- thanks for the info. I used the word species as in Family,Genus,Species,Variety. : )
    Cat-Marthe Washington is a great Texas Rose.
    HG-I guess that would be called companion gardening. The red variety was one of the first to hit the marketplace.

  8. Your roses are beautiful, whatever the variety. I grew a magnificent Betty Prior shrub rose that I really miss. I pulled it because it succumbed to black spot in our humidity every summer, regardless of my attempts to keep it disease free. It was incredible in full bloom. I still miss it!

  9. Blog hopping & just came across your darling gardening blog...I host a garden party on Thursdays & would love to have you link up sometime???? xoxo, tracie

  10. I like your roses. I only have one that was nameless when I bought it. I want to email some photos of it to the place I got it and see if they know what it may be. I sure like it. I'm afraid of maintaining most kinds of roses.

  11. Holy electric roses, amazing!


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