Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Why Women Like Straws

Ahh Sonic.

Tales of wonder and amusement about things that women like. I guess.  As some of you may know, I had shoulder surgery on valentines day, which has basically caused me to be handicapped when it comes to spring gardening activities. As I like to say, I've never met a garden project I haven't liked. Ha.
Anyways my wonderful bride of 30 years, Cindy, is home for spring break as she is a public school vocal music teacher. She will not allow me to perform physical activity with my right arm/shoulder.  So she has volunteered for sainthood (ie. helping me in the garden).  She talked a friend from church on Sunday and his two teenage sons to help cleanup leaves,turn our compost pile and also to load  extra cleanup material in our utility trailer. (thank you Wittes) She told me she would go to the city compost facility and unload our debris and load up compost for our beds. Yipeee. So begins our journey to the realms of marital bliss.

March 22, Tuesday, 7:45 a.m.

Time to go! Mollie load up! My daily companion during recovery. She definitely likes going to the compost facility, to find some dead animal to waller on. I think that's an Oklahoma term, waller.
Kinda like fixin-to.
Mollie the mulcher dog.

Cindy screams "Hey your not suppose to be doing that!" 
 Greg you forgot the pitchfork, dipstick.
Hey, can we get some coffee?

8:00 a.m.

Wisdom from the coffee shop. Since the compost facility doesn't open til 9, we decided to go eat breakfast.

This is when I learned something I hadn't learned in 30 years of marriage: why women like straws.
Ready for this? Drum roll please! Women like straws because if you don't use a straw and drink from the cup your lipstick comes off! Amazing, huh! Who would of thunk it. World changing.

"Hey, Greg we still got a few more minutes til the facility opens lets got to the gift shop".

9:00 a.m
Arrive at the compost facility and it hasn't opened yet and won't open until 12:00, whoops sorry honey I must have read the opening hours wrong. So we wander back towards home. "Can we get a sonic?" says my bride. Sure. We do the sonic thing and my wandering brain things of other "projects" we could be doing. Eureka, I need more stone. So hows this for marital bliss, Cindy gets her straw and I get my rock.
Sonic, straw, and stone. Foundations of gardening!

12:00 p.m

Finally at the compost facility, Cindy unloads the trailer, and loads up with compost, under my watchful eye loving gaze.

A friend stops by and helps.

to be continued


  1. Your wife is a trooper! I like her style too...Sonic cherry-limeaids are a perennial favorite around here!

  2. heh way to go mom!

  3. That was entertaining and you have a great way with words and witty too.

  4. Lots of work in that for both of you. I am your new follower, come on by my new blog when you have time and follow.
    Goldenray Yorkies


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