Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Women Like Straws Part 2

In my post written on March 23 (http://greggosgarden.blogspot.com/2011/03/why-women-like-straws.html), I explained why women like straws. This is a continuation of that story which wrapped up at the end of spring break on Saturday. My wonderful bride was a stalwart, working hard and putting up with my perfectionism and dry comments. You're awesome.

Saturday March 26 8 a.m

On the way to the compost facility, whoops forgot
the pitchfork again.
Arrived at Compost Facility
Unloading and unloading. Cindy hard at work.

Dump, fill and spread.

Flags represent potato placement
Compost placement-looks good.

Went back later and picked up a load of wood chips for mulching the meadow garden. Very satisfied with overall results.


  1. Go! Go! It's Spring and everything's opening up! I'd be following to see what that compost would grow...

  2. Yea compost!!! I'll be it was killing you to watch Cindy do all of the work!


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