Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wildflower Wednesday - Tax Return Blues-tem

Here I am crying over my completed tax return and looking for a interruption from my pain.  Why not Wildflower Wednesday? Thank you blogdom. And thank you Gail for relieving my anxiety!

Schizachyrium scoparium-Little Bluestem

Verbascum thapsus-Common Mullien
Although I've already commented on these plants in the last post, I will add the same information here. These native bluestem plants were transplanted from an highway right-a-way near a native Flint Hills Kansas prairie.  Haven't verified the variety as of yet. 
The mullien was derived from the same area. I'm sure most of you know that the mullien is described as a noxious weed in most states. I find that the foliage adds texture to my plantings. I have a "thing" for large silver woolly foliage, as I also like Stachys, Salvia argentea, and
Verbascum spp.  That about the best I could do for today. Happy planning everyone. Greggo


  1. We are small m mediterranean. For tropical you would have to head all the way across the country to Durban.

  2. I love both plants! Coming from Nebraska, you saw them on the roadside and in fields all the time...but it wasn't until I moved to Portland that I actually saw them used in gardens. I love both for their form and texture...there is something wonderful and tactile about those big, silvery, wooly leaves...I just have to touch them!

  3. I love that big bad boy thapsis's fantastic fuzzy gray leaves. Too bad it's such a thug for farmers. I have been known to allow it in the garden but, remove the seedhead! Blue Stem is a fantastic grass! Happy WW! gail

  4. Although it can be unruly if you don't watch it I love artemesia for the silver foliage.

  5. Scott- I understand love for these plants coming from Nebraska. I was actually born in Beatrice. Mullien has followed me from Texas to Colorado. Feel the same about touching the. Ever seen Salvia argentea?

    Gail- I'm with you.

    Jennifer- I am definelty a silver person.


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