Saturday, January 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Bougainvillea bloom with Lilly leaves.
We in the Flint Hills region of  Kansas are still licking our wounds from the subzero temperatures we have experienced over the last two weeks in our zone 6a growing area. Snow is still on the ground but beginning to thaw while we wait for the next norther to come in next week. The bird feeders are full with many species of finch enjoying their morsels with abandon. I purchased a water heater for the birds water pan, will see how that works out.  Planted some Bluestem varieties recovered from the state right of way. 
Schizachyrium scoparium - Little Bluestem

Two different varieties of little bluestem.
Verbascum thapsus - common Mullein
This particular Mullein was recovered from the right of way south of Winfield, Kansas. We will see if the transplant actions will succeed or not.


  1. Goodness - subzero! The heck with the garden, that'd be hard for the gardener to survive, At least your inside Bougainvillea is shining.

  2. We are recovering from a rare 6" snow here in Southern Middle Tennessee (don't laugh). I'm not used to this!! LOL We are blessed with a long growing season here. I was encouraged by some signs of life peeking thru the snow today.

  3. Alabama has also experienced very cold weather. We had a couple inches of ice on Monday in Birmingham. Your bougainvillea bloom is great. It seems everyone's bird feeders are active this time of year! Blessings as we await Spring....

  4. I love how vertical your Little Bluestem is...mine don't get quite enough sun and are a little floppier.


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