Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Flower Girl

My grandaughter from a few years ago. Flowers from the garden. Can you name them all?


  1. I'll take a shot, Greggo. Without looking them up; echinacea (2 species), rudbeckia, asclepias tuberosa, liatris, verbena, yarrow (one of the fancy ones), and, hidden in the bottom left, something I'm not sure of; mexican coneflower/titonia comes to mind? Or is it a yellow echinacea?

    1. Well done Prof. I replied to you comment and it disappeared.. Will try again. Yellow coneflower is ratibida pinnata, praire coneflower. Echs are magnus, angustifolia, pallida. Liatris punctata, Verbena hastata which no longer exists in the garden (too unruly), Rudebeckia hirta and fulgida, Moonshine yarrow, and of course A.tuberosa. You get an A.

  2. Beautiful. I'll add to the previous list liatris and possibly clasping coneflower. Not quite sure about that.


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