Monday, September 2, 2013

Liatris ligulistylis

Rocky Mountain Blazing Star or Meadow Blazing Star-Liatris ligulistylis is starring in the garden this month. As those of you whom grow this unique plant in the native garden ,it is an exceptional attractant to butterflies. This particular plant is dear to me as I raised it from seed purchased from Prairie Moon Nursery. It resembles many of the local prairie Liatris blooming at peak throughout Kansas. Native Kansas Liatris include L.aspera, L.punctata,L. pycnostachya Michx., and Liatris squarrosa,.
  This particular day the Monarch and the Buckeye butterflies were jousting for the best perching spot and its sweet nectar.
Even honey bees like getting into the act.
I've noticed Liatris in many different planting combinations recently which provide a nice contrast to plants such as Nasella tenuissima(Mexican Feather Grass). Get some!
For those wanting to see other native plants in focus go to the Wildflower Wednesday meme hosted by Gail.


  1. Wonderful photos. I just saw a lot of blazing star in some pastures this morning. Note to get some in my garden next year!

    1. Yes I've seen a lot of Liatris also, it's been a great year for blooms.

  2. That is beautiful Gregg! I have a liatris about to bloom, it was shared by Michael at Plano Prairie Garden.

    I met Calvin Finch recently, thought about getting a photo to show you but maybe next time. They want me to put my garden on tour, maybe next year....

  3. Great shots! Does this species bloom mainly in August/September? I have L. spicata (I think), and it blooms in June, and is pretty much done by mid-July. The Liatris species are so unique. Thanks for sharing photos of your wonderful visitors on the Liatris!

  4. Yes, mostly in late July-September. I too have some Liatris spicata in containers. Yes mine blooms in June.

  5. Beautiful photos-I especially like the bee coming up to the Liatris. Very nice!

  6. What lovely little creatures and flowers. I really enjoy those plants with small blossoms.


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