Saturday, March 2, 2013

Signs of Spring

Almost every Saturday morning when we are in town, Cindy and I go to the local Winfield Bistro to have  breakfast. The owner has a small parking lot island filled with perennials and a bird-feeder. It's interesting to follow the progress and results through the year. After braving the bitter cold this morning, loading up on carbs and then arriving at home, I noticed something peeking from the snow in the hell strip.
The tulips have arrived. I had almost forgotten that they had been planted.
Skirting around the garden, signs of life lead to signs of death.
 Agave parryi 'trincata'. No Bueno. 
I think this Agave parryi , it is still turgid. Hopefully I have found a cold hardy variety.
Colorguard Yucca starting to recover I believe.

Now back to my construction projects. Yahoo......


  1. Oh those poor agave, if they survive that they should be considered hardy. The color guard Yucca is amazing.

    We had a green yucca in Virginia, I don't know what type but it always bloomed in the spring and never seemed the least bit bothered by cold and snow.

  2. You have had your share of snow, lately.
    Spring is just around the corner, though.

    It is a bit of trial and error, with agaves.

  3. I dunno Greggo. All of those Parryi are looking pretty squishy....

    My condolences.

  4. Life on the prairie, between heat, cold, humidity, dust, and tornadoes! And closer to Stillwater than Norman...

    Seriously, your straight Agave parryi look fine, just slightly injured. Your A. parryi var. truncata may even be OK, just give it time, as it's center spear / heart looks fine. Tho that species is not very cold-hardy - definitely a zone 8a plant, which Abq is right on the cold edge of, and ours' often don't make it. Most everyone here took out their A. americana that did a similar thing in our 2/2011 uber-freeze...had they left them like Las Cruces people did, they might have seen most come back the following growing season. Oops.

    By chance, I was watching this archived Central TX Gardener - Daphne covers that topic at 18:25 -

    But I hear you. Been a tough, dry, windy winter here - spring will come fast, is my guess.

  5. Yikes, sorry about the Agave! Thanks for the hopeful signs of spring, though. It's encouraging to know the plants are ready to grow as soon as the snow and cold recede.

  6. Sorry to see you lost an Agave. :( Tulips look lovely in the snow--is that some consolation?

  7. Some of our agave bit the dust a few years ago when we had snow here. Always sad to loose a plant. We gardeners get rather attached. Nice to see the signs of life poking up from under the snow.

  8. Good to see your tulips poking through the snow Greggo. I don't like dead Agave but I guess a turgid? one is fine.

  9. I'm sorry you lost an Agave - I have a nasty suspicion that we have lost a few plants this winter, although I remain optimistic that they will resurrect themselves and stop being so unsightly once the weather warms up. Great to see the tulips peeping through - a sure sign that spring will start.... eventually.

  10. Looks like the Agave bit the mush dust. Oh well, maybe try again. No tulips here popping from the snow, but Spring is under there somewhere.

  11. That is what my agaves looked like in the spring of 2010. The cold wet winter did them in. The only one that was not damaged and survives to this day is Agave neomexicana. By the way, rotting agaves stink.

  12. Don't you love seeing little bits of green popping up through the dirt and snow? I'm thinking there is no denying it. Spring is definitely in the air.

  13. Good to see signs of spring...sorry about the mushy plants :-(

  14. "Wow! They look like rays of hope!"

    The perfect word to describe it..

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