Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vagabond Gardener

Cindy and I have moved five times in the last ten years.  At every residence and growing zone I have been challenged to meet growing conditions to have a successful garden.  I try initially to evaluate every site and also to blend the garden design with the architecture of the building.  Through the years we downsized considerably to the point where we are now in a very small cottage sized residence in south central Kansas. My past gardens have always had super turf grass as I have been an expert in the turf grass industry in my past employment.  Well I have decided to go with a cottage style garden for this residence, and eliminate much of the turf on our small corner lot.

Front entrance June 2009 , one year after moving in.

April 2010 some progress

January 2010 Corner of corner lot
April 2010
June 2010
July 2010

I will share more photos in the near future..


  1. I adore your quaint home and cottage style gardening is perfect. I see what looks like garlic to the right of the first photo. Your curb side appeal is appealing for sure. Great tulips!

  2. Darla thanks for your comment! I am embarrassed to say you are my first visitor...lol.. anyways the plants in the first photo on the right are volunteer onions from last summer.

  3. Hi Gregory! It seems to me that corner gardens are very important- in some extent, they represent neighborhoods. Your neighbors should be happy to have a neighbor as you - skilled, talanted gardener. Look what you've already done with your lot!


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